Statement of Purpose for Temple, NH Website ( TOP 10 of course )


Lofty goals are the only way to go after something. These are an expression of such goals. I hope this list will continue to inspire me to keep up this website in a timely fashion and with an objective mind. Thank you for your support.

  1.  To bring open communication to the residents of Temple and expand the boundaries and means to communicate with residents
  2. To provide up-to-date information
  3. To provide timely access to all public domain information
  4. To provide a forum for expression both verbally and creatively
  5. To work with Town Government and bring government to the fingertips of residents and interested outside parties
  6. To allow free, intelligent, reasonable expression of thoughts and ideas that will better the community of Temple and bring its citizens closer together.
  7. To fullfill my civic duty as a volunteer
  8. To provide information for new residents or potential residents
  9. To supplement access to town information for those residents not able to get to town offices during office hours
  10. To hopefully meet new, open minded and exciting people (and that has already happened)
  11. Oh…that was 10! Well… you can add your own to this list if you like. Just write to:

PRIVACY STATEMENT (such as it is)

There will be no attempt to sell email lists or profit directly from this is not our goal. This is a site supported by the town for townspeople to interact with other townspeople, and to have an opportunity to contribute content and hopefully the site will act as a public forum for the town. Minutes as well as other town business will be listed, updates of various laws affecting the town and whatever anyone wants within reason. This is a not for profit website dedicated to making Temple a better place to live.