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    January 3, 2024



    Board members present: Don Kraemer, Will Phillips, Colleen Martin, Silas Little


    Call to order by Don Kraemer at 7:30 p.m.


    Motion made by W. Phillips to accept minutes of  12/6/01 with following changes: page 2, line 13, change “respect” to “reference”.  Also, paragraph 2, line 3, page 2, change “precedence” to “precedent” and add 4 lines from the notice of decision after line 6, paragraph 2, page 2 to show the motion included “with the express notation that the Zoning Board of Adjustment has not considered and has made no decision regarding whether the existing non-conforming structure and/or non-conforming use are legal.  C. Martin seconded. Voted unanimous affirmative.


    7:45 p.m. Bruce Kullgren asked if Wireless One had made any changes to the original plan which the ZBA had approved on 12/6/01.  S. Little and W. Phillips said they were not aware of any changes.


    Public Hearing


    7:50 p.m.  Public Hearing concerning an application for variance made by Nat and Kris Chamberlin.  C. Martin read the application and checked certified cards to be sure all were returned.  Nat Chamberlin made a presentation to the Board showing location of the lot and proposed mud room/garage addition.  W. Phillips asked if an existing shed in front of the house would remain.  Nat Chamberlin said yes.  Nat Chamberlin showed schematics of the surrounding area.  Kris Chamberlin reiterated the application facts.  S. Little asked if abutter Bruce Kullgren would have any objection with the board hearing this request because Nat Chamberlin is a member of the board.  Bruce Kullgren said no objection.  W. Phillips asked for a little more description of the land behind the house.  Nat Chamberlin explained it consisted of a slope, brook and wet area.  S. Little asked how big the septic system was.  Nat said 3 bedrooms and they had no plans to add more bedrooms to the residence, space above the garage would be a playroom.  Bruce Kullgren asked what the final setback dimensions would be. Nat showed him the schematics.  Kris noted to the board that the Selectmen had no objection to the plan.


    8:10 p.m. Closed for deliberation per Don Kraemer.  S. Little said he believed the request was within the intended use of the property.  The topography of the land makes it difficult to consider another location and the boundary in question abuts a shared driveway, therefore making the setback from the next lot appear further away.  Discussion followed on the simplex definition of the request and meeting criteria.  S. Little moved to grant the request with the application as submitted.  C. Martin seconded.  Voted unanimous affirmative.  S. Little stated the 30-day period for re-hearing.

    8:20 p.m. Motion made by D. Kraemer, seconded by C. Martin to adjourn meeting.


    Minutes submitted by Sherry Fiske