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    August 7, 2024



    VOTING BOARD:      Chairperson Don Kraemer; Members Honey Hastings & Silas Little; alternate

                                        member Don Fonda.

    CALL TO ORDER:     By Mr. Kraemer at 7:30 p.m.


    Case # 8/7/2003-1  LEPINE

    Robert and Marguerite Lepine have applied for a Variance from Article 4, Section 5, of the Temple Zoning

    Ordinance, to permit the construction of a garage closer to the side lot line than is normally allowed, on

    Map 5A, Lot 107, 138 Mansfield Road, in the Rural Residential and Agricultural District.

    Mr. Kraemer called the roll, explained the procedure for hearing cases and stated that all abutters had been

    notified. Ms. Hastings read the Public Notice.

    Mr. Lepine explained that he would like to build a 24’ x 24’ two car garage 23’, at the closest point, from the

    stone wall on the side of his property which borders Kenneth and Deborah Crowley’s property. He said that

    the only other place to put the garage would be between the house and the barn, but that is where both his well and septic tank are located. If he located it in front of the house then it would be in the front setback

    because the distance from his deck to Mansfield Road is 35’.

    Mr. Lepine drew in the locations of the well and septic tank on the sketch of his lot. He said that the shed,

    shown on the sketch, is in the same side setback and it has been there since he purchased the property in

    1982. He also said that the Crowley house is far away from this side lot line. He said that he didn’t know

    how tall the garage roof would be, but said there wouldn’t be a second story. The board determined that the

    garage would most likely be under 20’ tall.

    Abutters Roger and Mary Nutting gave their support to the project.

    Abutter Luke Peterson said that the location of the proposed garage is screened well and he is in favor of

    granting the variance.

    Ms. Hastings, Mr. Little and Mr. Fonda drove by the property and saw the location of the proposed garage.

    Ms. Hastings and Mr. Fonda saw no problem with granting the request.

    Board members discussed the importance of keeping the current growth cover intact between the location of

    the proposed garage and the side lot line with the Crowleys, so that it looks as if the garage is further away from the lot line than is actually is. They also wanted to be sure that what gets built is a two-stall garage,

    located where it is shown on the plan, at least 70’ from the front lot line.

    MOTION: Mr. Little moved to grant the variance, finding that the application meets the requirements for

                      granting a variance, subject to the following: the garage will be a one-story, two-stall garage;

                      its location will be as shown on plot plan; the applicant will keep a vegetative screen between

                      where the garage is to be constructed and the closest lot line. Ms. Hastings seconded the motion

                      and all 4 members were in favor.

    Mr. Kraemer announced that the variance had been granted and that the applicant will receive notice of same

    in the mail.



    MINUTES – 7/3/03

    MOTION:       Ms. Hastings moved to accept the 7/3/03 minutes as written. Second by Mr. Little and all

                      were in favor.


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    The board members postponed adoption until the next regular meeting.

    MOTION: Mr. Kraemer made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Fonda and all in favor.

    The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.




    Respectfully submitted,




    Diane Nilsson, Recording Clerk


    Posted 8/12/03