Temple Singers
Linda Bollinger 878-1078 (home)

A new singing group is currently evolving in town. The purpose of this initiative is to provide opportunity to sing in choral fashion for the pure enjoyment of the experience…and to accomplish this without having to leave town. The atmosphere of rehearsals will be relaxed but focused. Members will decide on music types, frequency of rehearsals, styles of accompaniment, and the overall structure of the group. Two individuals have expressed interest in directing this town chorus, and approximately 15 to 20 people have shown a sincere interest in participating. Others are welcome. There is agreement in performing one concert per year, possibly to raise money for town projects, and perhaps one or two other small public appearances simply to share the love of music with the town. Otherwise, the Temple Singers (formal name not yet determined) will be raising their voices together every two weeks just for fun. For more information, please call Linda (878-1078).

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