Good Roads Day
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Good Roads Day is a Temple community tradition. This whole-town event has occurred every spring, with a few brief gaps of several years, since it was first established in 1914.

Since 2001, it has happened in April or May. The day typically begins with a brief meeting at 8:30 am in Friendship Hall to go over the projects, hand out supplies, and share information/notices. Fifty to one hundred participants of all ages work at the various project sites from 9 am until 12:30 pm and then return to Friendship Hall for a community lunch. Some town organizations sponsor specific projects.

The projects vary considerably from routine cleaning and maintenance, to new construction, to major repair work, to beautification efforts. Some of the specific jobs that have been tackled in the past include the removal of loose barbed wire from public areas, repair of rock/stone walls, spreading of woodchips, raking of leaves, sweeping of roadside salt/sand/gravel, pruning of damaged limbs, picking up litter along roads and in public areas, hauling away fallen branches, weeding public gardens, and much more.

Town organizations, families, and individuals share the cost of food and supplies for this special town gathering. The day has something for everyone and is made possible by the caring and the commitment of the people of Temple. It is a wonderful way to share the joy of springtime and to work with others to keep our town safe and beautiful.

For more information, call Linda at 878-1078, or check the March/April issue of the Temple Newsletter.

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