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March 30, 2024

Town Meeting is over, or is it?

I have heard there is a movement afoot to have another town meeting. My first reaction was..."WHY?" I was amazed, and proud, when I walked into town meeting and saw for the first time since I have lived here, that it was standing room only.

Comments have been made that because of the blizzard, not enough people were in attendance… hmmm, see above… also, had it been 50 degrees that day, I have a feeling we would have had half the attendance. I know I would have been tempted to stay outdoors!

I understand we are to re vote on the land purchase, which it is my understanding is a contracted deal and can not be changed without a lot of legal wrangling (who would pay that cost?). The con com money, which doesn't go into effect until after next years town meeting, and the town hall money. I think the town hall committee could make up the 20 grand over time, but the town did vote yes.

So, I guess my question is, is the faction that is bringing all this up willing to pay the cost for another meeting. And, if so, what are they hoping, that now that the weather is getting better they will see even more people in the meeting, or are they just being American and deciding that since they didn't like the way the majority voted on a snowy Saturday, that they want to have a redo in hopes the election can go their way. Boy the Gore/Bush election has had some far reaching effects....

I was there, I heard the yeahs and nays, I heard the results of the voting. It doesn't seem to me it is worth dividing this town over a town meeting that was well attended. Will this set a precedent where we will have to vote that , "these votes stand and may not be contested until the next year." Will we end up having two, maybe three town meetings a year until everyone gets what they want?

Is there any way we can either stop the ridiculousness of this, or make sure the powers bringing this up pay for the new meeting and any legal fees which may be incurred if they are incurred.

-Miki Clements Collier

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