Dear Webmaster,
Thank you for posting my arrival on your site. I cried when I saw it.

I read your whole site and decided to send you a poem I wrote on my third year back in New Zealand. It was written as Autumn came on and I found myself remembering that it was Spring in New Hampshire.

I was very aware of how many years it took for the images of New Hampshire to leave my imagination enough for me to see New Zealand clearly.

so, here it is:

I Remember New Hampshire

New Zealand begins to fill my eye
As days and weeks and months go by.
But, I do not forget the bite of Winter,
Or sun-bright icicles that splinter
And crash to earth on days in Spring,
Or mud that halts my wanderings.

I recall the early whispers of streams,
Released from frost by lengthening beams
Of light that summons sap and leaf;
Maple buds that give bare hills relief.
That dripping, surging forth of growth
And tree-frogs' songs filling nights with hope.

I remember tall white New England homes,
Red barns and a winding road that roams
O'er wooded hills by logging tracks,
Huge woodpiles to be raised in stacks.
Woodpeckers drilling the fresh Spring air;
I know my heart still lingers there.

And yet, outside my door is Autumn's flair,
With reddening leaf and cooling air,
Sharp blue days, nights pricked with stars
And my soul is beckoned by both these paths;
One here in golden Autumn's start
And one with New Hampshire's Spring in my heart.

Robyn Hewetson

I hope this can be of some use to you on your website. I visit it often to keep abreast of the news of that wonderful town I lived in for nearly 20 years!

Much love to all

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