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Updated: May 18, 2007

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Selectmen: 603-878-2536
Town Clerk: 603-878-3873
Tax Collector: 603-878-3873
Road Agent: 603-878-2744
Police: 603-878-3474
Fire Dept: 603-878-1972
EMS: 603-654-2222
Library: 603-878-3100
Post Office: 603-878-1800
TES: 603-878-1955
Recycling: 603-654-6150


May 18 & 19, 8pm
Temple Town Hall

3 One-Act Plays
(Temple Drama club)
May 20, 1pm
Temple Elementary School

Retirement Party for Priscilla Weston

Con Com Meeting Cancelled!

The Conservation Commission meeting for May 28, 2007 has been cancelled.

Website Restored (we hope)!

We apologize for the recent disruption. We are in the process of restoring and testing the website. Please email the webmaster at [email protected] if you see any errors, omissions, broken links, etc. The help will be appreciated.

New Message Board Forums!

Two new forums have been created in the message board.

The first new forum was requested by Lisa Beaudoin. This forum is called "Ride Sharing". The purpose of this forum is to connect Temple residents for the purpose of ride sharing; for those who who have little or no transportation; to reduce single person occupancy in cars; to build relationships and community via people sharing rides.

The other forum was requested by Mike Darnell. This forum is called "COMCAST Issues" and is a place to document issues with Comcast. Mike is concerned that Temple residents have had trouble getting reasonable response times to service requests. If you have experienced any issues with Comcast please leave your name, date of problem, problem description and how long it took to resolve the issue if it was resolved.

To use either of these forums you must register with the website message board.

Open Positions!

The Board of Selectmen is now considering appointments for positions to:

  • Historic District Commission
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • Deputy Town Clerk
  • Deputy Tax Collector
  • Deputy Treasurer
  • Capital Improvement Plan Committee

Should you have an interest in any of these positions please send a letter of interest to the Selectmen's office as soon as possible.

Support Temple Mountain Reservation!

Support the bill currently being proposed in the NH State Legislature to establish a state reservation at Temple Mt. under the management of the NH Dept of Resources and Economic Development (DRED). Contact Senator Peter Bragdon and Representative Anne-Marie Irwin to support this bill. To learn how to support click HERE.

Upcoming meetings:

  • Select Board - May 8 & 22
  • Planning Board - May 2 & 16
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment - May 3
  • Conservation Commission - May 14
  • Budget Advisory Committee - May 9 & 23
  • Historic District Commission - May 21
Minutes of All Meetings

The website makes no claims as to the accuracy of these meeting times. Please check with the appropriate organization before attending any meeting. Meeting times may change due to illness, weather, or just about anything.


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